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Auditing Corporate and Governance


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The book covers role of Auditing in Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate social responsibility and Business has been a hot topic and a growing discipline in India. Ethics is a part of business and the business cannot overlook various ethical issues. Corporate governance deals essentially with ethical issues. The need to study corporate governance has become imperative in view of the number of international frauds and other irregularities that the business world has seen from the third quarter of the last century Auditors attest that a company’s financial records and accounting procedures comply with the law. They conduct reviews of financial statements and records to confirm publicly held companies meet their legal requirements under Companies act. Companies that are not publicly traded hire auditors to verify that internal accounting procedures and financial operations run efficiently, and that standardized accounting practices are maintained. These days, being a responsible participant in the larger society is not optional for your company. To position your brand as a forward-thinking corporate citizen, you must take authentic steps to provide solutions to common human problems in the world around you. Valuing corporate social responsibility, or CRS, will not only benefit your larger community, but it will also provide you with specific organizational benefits. Here are our top five reasons why corporate social responsibility should matter to your company, in addition to common good it brings society.


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