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Dreamers and Unicorns: How Leadership, Talent and Culture are the New Growth Drivers

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Which description fits your organisation?

DREAMERS:  Most Dreamers, it turns out, know how to build products, not organisations. Most Dreamers stay local and never become a Unicorn.

UNICORNS: A narcissistic leader, a leadership team of old cronies and a toxic culture are often the three curses that prevent them from going global and becoming a Market Shaper.

MARKET SHAPERS: A Market Shaper changes how we live—across the world. They struggle to retain the trust of governments and stakeholders beyond investors.

INCUMBENTS: How do you spot an Incumbent? Ask the employees. They believe the firm and its offerings are irrelevant; the leadership team believes they are Market Shapers.

Packed with ideas and innovations, this powerhouse of a book by best-selling author and talent management specialist Abhijit Bhaduri explains why leadership, talent and culture are the new drivers of growth whether you are a Dreamer, a Unicorn, a Market Shaper or an Incumbent.


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