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Environment & Disaster Management : Upsc Civil Services Main Exam

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About the Book: UPSC-Civil Services Main-Environment and Disaster Management-IAS G.S. Main-Volume 4 Contents: UNIT 1 1. Introduction to Environmental Conservation 2. Related Environmental Health and Pollution Information 3. Understanding Global Warming, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Related Issues of Environmental Pollution 4. Understanding Biodiversity Depletion, Conservation, Sustainable Use and Other Related Problems 5. Impact of Overexploitation, Overfishing and Overgrazing on Environment 6. Other Environmental Problems and Their Impacts UNIT 2 1. EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) UNIT 3 1. Disaster: Definition, Causation, Approach and Typology 2. Disaster Trends: Assessment and Prioritization of Environmental Hazards 3. Indian Laws, Enforcement Agencies and Disasters in Urban Areas 4. Overview of National and Global Disaster Management and Administration

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