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Forest Accounting


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This researcher is focused primarily on recognizing invisible forest ecosystem services and its contribution to the economy. Forest is just not stock of trees rather it is a base for land, water, animals, oxygen, food chain, etc. It is a life support system. All these services are invisible in terms of economic value. However, ecosystem services have strong monetary value. It is paying a significant role in an economic development. Yet it is not recognized and has not been assigned its economic value which contributes to the Gross Domestic Product.

At present, all natural resources including forests are in danger. Due to this, the world is facing various problems such as climate change, food insecurity, disturbing ecological balance, disturbing food chain and health etc. Therefore, there is need to change approach towards natural resources espacially forest. In this context, recognizing and assigned value of forest services to society could be significant initiative.

Once we know the value of forest services and keeping accounts of it will help to control forest destruction.It is a theoritical and practical analysis of entire forest accounting system with focus on serious research investigation.


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