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Mask The Other Face


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Masks have been used since ancient times for religious, cultural and entertainment purposes.  An essential element in many rituals and festival, the mask extends its power and mystery for the wearer as well as the audience.

This interesting book brings together the various types of masks used in the different states of India. Complemented with colourful illustrations, it presents the art of making, wearing and acting a mask as can be seen in the rituals and ceremonies of various of various communities in India.

(About the Author:)

Bharti Debi retired as an anthropoligist from the anthropological Survey of India in 2004. She has done extensive research on middle class women in Kolkata, Dr. Bharati Debi has also co-authored many books on field investigations among the tribes and castes, as well as among the rural and urban people.

Anshu Prokash Nandan served the Anthropological Survey of India as an anthropologist for more than three decades. He has published the first ethnographic survey of Nicobarese living on the island. Shri Nandan has also contributed a number of articles on the life of tribes in INdia in various journals and books.


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