ISBN: 978-93-5367-750-3

Nasha Safar Ka





Pages: 164


Nasha Safar Ka is a way of living life, exploring one’s self-leadership, uniqueness and potential. But it is mostly counter-intuitive and may not make logical sense initially. One needs to soak into the concepts, reflect on the essence of the poems layer by layer and connect it with one’s own experience. At some point, the concepts start making sense and you connect the dots. Poems have the power of conveying deep messages in a simple yet elegant manner, but appreciating the message requires some unravelling to be done by the readers. The interpretation in prose helps in synthesizing the nuggets of the poems. Nasha Safar Ka grows on you as you immerse yourself into the journey of reading it, without worrying about the destination, thereby living the title of the book.


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