ISBN: 9780199460717

Oxford School Atlas: India’s Most Trusted Atlas 35th edition(Old Edition)


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Known for its accuracy and depth of cartographic details, this Oxford School Atlas is widely trusted by the researchers, students and general readers. This book is the outcome of the sincere effort and the struggle of the experts, who tried their best to keep it simple so that students find it easy to learn and complete their practical works. It is fully informative and its detailed maps, charts and diagrams will help the pupils enhance their knowledge of the country location, mountains, rivers and mineral reserves.

This new 35th edition of the atlas includes tutorials and exercise for all levels so that one can practice to brush up their knowledge. Great for beginners and intermediate, it contains almost 200 easy-to-understand maps and 94 thematic maps of India, followed by charts and diagrams. The detailed political and physical maps related to India make the atlas handy for students at all levels. It also covers the core thematic issues starting from climate to wildlife.


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