ISBN: 9789352994212

Principles and Practice of Auditing


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Pages: 312


The book explains the concepts, principles and techniques of auditing and their applications in practical situation in easy language. The main objective of writing this book is to make students aware of both practical and theory aspects of auditing, which will help them in their academic career. Therefore, the book will be useful for the students of B.Com., M.Com., MBA and other professional courses. The book explains the different acts and laws regarding various topics of accountancy. It also highlights the traditional and modern aspects of auditing. The book caters to the needs of students to answer the question in the right approach. Written in a student–friendly manner, this book is intended for commerce students of all the universities in India. Simplicity and brevity are the main determinant of this book. The book has 20 chapters covering all the important and latest aspects of auditing. A separate annexure has been added at the end of the book discussing Auditing and Accounting standard (both old and new). A detail list of Companies Act 2013 (new) also has been added with reference to Companies Act 1956 (old) along with recent case studies and terminology. Our endeavor has been to make this book strictly syllabus oriented. We hope our sincere efforts to present the text of the syllabus analytically and methodically is appreciated by students as well as teachers.


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