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Pt. Motilal Nehru


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Motilal Nehru was an early Indian Freedom fighter and great leader of the Indian National Congress. He became one of the members of first generation of young Indians to receive Western-style college education. He attended Muir College at Agra. Later, he enlisted as a lawyer in English courts. Motilal Nahru became a barrister and settled in Allahabad. He reached the pinnacle of his legal career by gaining the approval to appear in the Privy Council of Great Britain. Nehru was a man of many elitist habits and attitudes and a westernized lifestyle. He was one of the moderate, wealthy leaders of the Indian National Congress. With the ascent of Mahatma Gandhi on the scene, Nehru was one of the first to transform his life into native Indian lifestyle. He served as President of the Congress twice. Later, he founded the Swaraj party, which however, failed and Motilal returned to Congress. He chaired the famous Nehru Commission in 1928, which was a counter to the all-British Simon Commission. It`s report was entitled as, Nehru Report. He is largely remembered for being the patriarch of India`s most powerful political family, which has produced three Prime Minister, including his one Jawaharlal Nahru.


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