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Ramamurthy’s Decision Making in Pain Management: An Algorithmic Approach


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This is the only pain management textbook which is concise enough to assist the reader in making a clinical decision during a patient visit.

The book is not designed to be a definitive textbook of the Pain Medicine/Management field-rather, it is designed to assist the reader in day-to-day, real life practice! As such, much of the content of the book is evidence-based, and much of it is based on the anecdotal experience of the authors, most of whom practice in academic settings.

Each chapter contains 1-2 pages of text and a clear and algorithmic approach to the particular topic.

The chapters explore cutting-edge treatment options, such as regenerative medicine, the use of infusion therapy (i.


ketamine), and advanced neuromodulatory technologies.

An entire section of the book is devoted to opioids and management of opioid therapy, an extremely important topic in today’s society.

Ramamurthy’s Decision Making in Pain Management (3rd edn) is beneficial for all physicians and physician extenders who treat patients with any chronic pain conditions.

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