ISBN: 9789352702619

Simplified Practical Manual of Biochemistry

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Pages: 222


• A ready-to-use simplified practical manual with brief description of the topic, principle, procedure and inferences tests along with review questions for handy use

• Thoroughly revised and updated text

• Introduces new chapters-Types of Reagents or Solutions Used in a Biochemistry Laboratory, Preparation of Some Common Reagents Used in Biochemistry Laboratory, Qualitative Analysis of Lipids, etc. in this edition

• Includes a brief description of hazards and precautions related to laboratory, description of basic techniques used in biochemistry laboratory, qualitative and quantitative analysis of some important biochemical parameters with clinical significance automation and quality control, and reference values of a few biometabolites, which are a must-know to the medical undergraduate students

• Represents the tests procedures in tabular form, wherever possible, which has made it unique in itself

• Provides the relevant diagrams and graphs to make it easier for the readers to understand the text matter

• Divides the whole book into five sections to categorize the content for easy use

• Contains worksheets (blank pages) after the chapters so that it can be utilized to do calculations, draw the diagrams, and write the text matter, if required in the practical classroom

• All the comprehensive measures are taken to make this book a reader-friendly.


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