ISBN: 978-93-90244-80-5

The Abstracts of Life – a vision







Since long, my inner voice was always pressing me to write something different away from my legal pursuit for awakening of mankind. With pressure of professional work, I have been deafening my inner voice and deferring the inevitable.

I was awakened once again right at the beginning of the nationwide lockdown. It is then I realised that destiny has something different in store for me. I therefore, took up a rough pad and pen. Sat quietly for not less than 30 minutes totally blank and pondering upon the subject to write on. No thoughts, just fidgeting with my pen and at times rubbing my eyes only.

After a little while, a thought suddenly struck my mind of ‘perception of good and bad’. What is good for one may be bad for the other and vice versa. I introspected myself whether I will be able to do justice. ‘Yes, attempt it’, was the inner response. I settled on the ‘perception’ – of good and bad through sensory information.


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