ISBN: 9780143450214

The Fakir: The Journey Within

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Pages: 224


To be a better spiritual being and to better even that with every step is the goal of every soul so it can then ultimately merge into The One . . .
Rudra is exactly where he wants to be-with his kind, loving BABA, talking about life and the laws of the spiritual realm. He is taken to various villages to see for himself what the right way to live and pray is.
As he serves his BABA and asks Him questions, much is revealed to him: ‘When you pray with such intensity that The One shall listen to your prayer, then your purity, intensity, devotion and yearning will get wings to reach The One’
BABA also talks about how we should be in life, how our relationships should be, how jealousy and anger are detrimental to the development of good karma and how conducting oneself without cribbing and complaining takes on to the higher plane.
In The Fakir once again Rudra is the student and BABA the teacher as well at the MASTER.


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