ISBN: 9780143450184

The Happiness Quotient

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Pages: 184


The Indian tradition shows us that positive, radiant happiness is our birthright, and Dr Rekha Shetty outlines a programme in this book to achieve it. The Happiness Quotient (HQ) is a concept that measures approximately the amount of happiness each person has achieved in their life. It then provides a blueprint to increase one’s HQ. It starts by describing the creation of a positive mind space, one that nurtures the positive emotions that increase happiness. It also discusses the impact of negative fields and how to avoid them.
Anti-happiness traps, too, find a special place in this book. They require special identification as they can be very misleading, like a comforting golden cage full of fruit to a free-flying parrot. Whatever the external circumstances may be, the individual is responsible for his inner state. This book is an investment in Life’s greatest prize-Happiness.


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