ISBN: 9780143450276

The Star of India

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Pages: 424


Hollywood, 1946. When Nancy Valentine meets the dashing crown prince of Cooch Behar, sparks fly almost instantly. Sporty-as she lovingly nicknames him-is like nobody the beautiful young actress has ever met before. She is swept away to Sporty’s kingdom in India just as the country is caught up in a tumultuous freedom struggle. And before she knows it, Nancy is entangled in a whirlwind of intrigue, espionage and attempted murder.
Sporty comes under great pressure from his elegant and formidable mother, who believes his marriage to a foreigner will weaken the family’s position with their people-and make them vulnerable to a government takeover. Amid growing opposition to the couple’s union, the state’s fabled Mughal Ruby disappears, and its curse will shadow them all.
From the glitz of Hollywood to the lush chambers of Indian royalty, The Star of India weaves a spirited tale of a strong-willed woman whose fate was deeply entwined with the momentous birth of modern India.


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