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Violence, Subversion and Recovery: Women Writers from the Sub-continent and Around







The problematic of reading women in the context of violence is very complicated. Studying violence or theorising violence might be an impossibility, but at the same time, studying violence through the question of woman and her body, woman minus her body and the discourse of woman as a singular entity, just as a human being is possible. It cannot be denied that woman is often refused her status of being looked at as simple as a human being minus all other identities or social conditions. One tends to wonder about what methodologies could justify the woman question with respect to violence. Is there a methodology at all?

One even wishes that a complication of concepts such as liberation, emancipation or empowerment vis-à-vis a woman be addressed on a linear scale. We call these keywords as concepts as they are far removed from practical reality. Is a woman ever liberated or emancipated or even empowered? Does the discourse of domesticity or body not touch the so-called empowered woman? Is she ever received as a singular entity of just being a human’?

The need is to examine a woman’s life on a wider scale by employing inclusive framework, to bring normality into focus by refuting the stereotypes of womanhood. This becomes more problematic when it is read on an extended concern with violence. The discourse is reduced to body alone. How do we attempt to read the woman, in this context, beyond its dimensions of body?

This book is an attempt to read womanhood as humanhood. The articulation, self or otherwise, is through the context of violence. The experiences are those of the subject or as the ‘objectified’ in doing so. The attempt has been to shatter the glass ceiling, break boundaries to articulate silence. The narratives tear open the suppressed and refute the conventional way of writing / narrating history.


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